Thursday, August 29, 2002


"Her verbally abusive father cheated on her mom--and then left the family when Jennifer was only 9," reports The ENQUIRER. Yeah, yeah, didn't we already know that? The story offers some insights from marital expert Dr. Judith S. Wallerstein, author of "The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce," but doesn't explain how Jen is now pals with her pop, while mommy sells family secrets behind her back.

A source close to the couple reveals: "Brad has nicknamed Jennifer 'The Leaker' because she cries so much. If she's not careful, her cheating worries will turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy." The Leaker? If this sobriquet catches on, maybe there's a product that Aniston can endorse.

Here's the most interesting allegation, though: "Jennifer has a pair of cargo pants and orange Maharishi-styled pants--and that's pretty much her wardrobe. But fed-up Brad suggests she puts on a dress for those rare occasions they go out." Yeah, because it's really important that you show off your figure in the latest couture when you're hanging offa him.