Friday, September 06, 2002


The ubiquitous source describes the plight of ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

"Michael basically used her as a hatchery for Prince Michael and Paris. And he has isolated her from their children. He even demanded she give a month's notice before any visit to his Neverland estate. She has said on the rare occasions she did get to visit, she had to go through a sanitation procedure before being allowed to touch her own children!"

Problem is, this story seems to contradict Mike Walker's item from a few pages later:

Hard news in the "Is Michael Jackson broke?" sweepstakes. Swanky Hotel Bel Air, where he often pads when he's not in Neverland, nixed the star's request for seven room reservations until his whopping tab of $200,000 is squared! One week later, "King of Pop" still hadn't popped! It's sad because--and who knew this?--it's where he and baby-maker Debbie Rowe sometimes got together--letting the kids run around through their adjoining suites.

Further along this week, we learn how "JACKO PLAYS SCROOGE AS DAD'S KICKED OUT OF HIS HOME". Joseph Jackson, 73, is currently facing foreclosure on his Las Vegas home where he lives apart from his wife, Katherine. The kids aren't being of much help.

"Meanwhile, Katherine is telling friends that Janet just bought her a place in Vegas under one condition--Joseph could not live there!"

The best revenge for Joseph at this point? Have an affair with Debbie Rowe.