Friday, August 30, 2002


She's Goldie Hawn's daughter, wife of rock star Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes--AND she starred in the rock epic "Almost Famous"--but Kate Hudson wasn't famous enough to get the backstage pass she demanded from security guards at the Rolling Stone concert in Toronto! "Don't you know who I am?" raged Kate. One guard snapped back: "No ... and I don't care!" But Kate lucked out when Totally Famous Sharon Stone came to her rescue and whisked her inside to meet Sir Mick & The Codgers!

What's fascinating about this story is hearing that the exact same scene reportedly repeated itself about 10 days later, except the performer in question was Hudson's scruffy husband. And no Sharon Stone to the rescue, either. Could it be that regardless of how many times Hudson appears on the cover of "Vogue", she's nevertheless destined to be using those same pictures 30 years from now on her website, not unlike her on-(and off-)screen role model.